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History of Education
Individual Educational Institutions
Theory and Practice of Education

Free Education Books
  1. A Discourse Delivered at the Twenty-First Anniversary of the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West by J. P. Cleaveland (page images at MOA)

  2. A Guide to Promising Practices in Educational Partnerships by Jacqueline Danzberger, Sristina Bodinger-deUriarte, and Michele Clark (HTML at

  3. Advanced Education by Andrew Dickson White (page images at MOA)

  4. An Address in Behalf of the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West by Joseph Farrand Tuttle (page images at MOA)

  5. An Essay to Revive the Antient Education of Gentlewomen by Bathsua Makin (HTML at

  6. Chinese Students in America: Policies, Issues, and Numbers by Leo A. Orleans (page images at NAP)

  7. Daughters at School Instructed in a Series of Letters by Rufus William Bailey (page images at MOA)

  8. Discourses by Rev. Samuel T. Seclye, and Rev. Calvin E. Stowe, Delivered ... Before the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West by Samuel T. Seclye and Calvin E. Stowe (page images at MOA)

  9. Education and the State by John Bascom (page images at MOA)

  10. Education of Woman by Thomas Holmes (page images at MOA)

  11. Educational Reminiscences and Suggestions by Catharine E. Beecher (page images at MOA)

  12. Education for Tomorrow's Jobs, ed. by Susan Sherman
    1. page images at NAP
    2. preliminary HTML at

  13. Family Literacy: Summary of Papers of a National Symposium, ed. by L. Ann Benjamin and Jerome Lord (HTML at

  14. Hampton and its Students by Mary Frances Morgan Armstrong and Helen W. Ludlow (page images at MOA)

  15. Implementing Schoolwide Projects: An Idea Book by Ellen M. Pechman and Leila Fiester (HTML at

  16. Improving Schooling for Language-Minority Children: A Research Agenda, ed. by Diane August and Kenji Hakuta (page images at NAP)

  17. Inaugural Address of William Weston Patton, D. D. by William Weston Patton (page images at MOA)

  18. International Education in the New Global Era: Proceedings of a National Policy Conference on the Higher Education Act, Title VI, and Fulbright-Hays Programs, ed. by John N. Hawkins, Carlos Manuel Haro, —Mirim A. Kazanjian, Gilbert W. Merkx, and David Wiley (PDF files at UCLA)

  19. Model Strategies in Bilingual Education: Professional Development by Mary S. Leighton, Amy M. Hightower, and Pamela Wrigley (HTML at

  20. National Excellence: A Case for Developing America's Talent (HTML at

  21. Notes on Dr. Scott's Bible and Politics by W. C. Anderson (page images at MOA)

  22. Objections to Public Schools Considered by Barnas Sears (page images at MOA)

  23. Popular Education by Ira Mayhew (page images at MOA)

  24. Preparing for the Workplace: Charting a Course for Federal Postsecondary Training Policy, ed. by Janet S. Hansen (page images at NAP)

  25. Principles of Education, Drawn from Nature and Revelation, and Applied to Female Education in the Upper Classes by Elizabeth Missing Sewell (page images at MOA)

  26. Proceedings by National Baptist Educational Convention (page images at MOA)

  27. Record of Mr. Alcott's School, Exemplifying the Principles and Methods of Moral Culture by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody (page images at MOA)

  28. Reflections on the Operation of the Present System of Education by C. C. Andrews (page images at MOA)

  29. Religion and the State by Samuel T. Spear (page images at MOA)

  30. Religious Training of Children in the School, the Family, and the Church by Catharine E. Beecher (page images at MOA)

  31. Report on the Rights and Duties of the President and Fellows of Harvard College in Relation to the Board of Overseers by Harvard University (page images at MOA)

  32. Report Submitted to the Trustees of Cornell University, In Behalf of a Majority of the Committee on Mr. Sage's Proposal to Endow a College for Women by Cornell University (page images at MOA)

  33. Responsibility: Who Has It, and Who Doesn't, and What That Means to the Nation: Excerpts from Essays Submitted to the Harry Singer Foundation, ed. by Margaret Bohannon-Kaplan (HTML at Wellington Publications)

  34. Right of the Bible in Our Public Schools by George Barrell Cheever (page images at MOA)

  35. Suppression Stories (1997) by Brian Martin (HTML in Australia)

  36. Technical Education by George Woods (page images at MOA)

  37. Technical Education: What It Is, and What American Public Schools Should Teach by Charles B. Stetson (page images at MOA)

  38. The Bible in the Public Schools by John D. Minor (page images at MOA)

  39. The Case of Bilingual Education Strategies, ed. by Michael M. Meyer and Stephen E. Fienberg (preliminary HTML at

  40. The Educator: or, Hours With My Pupils by Mrs. Lincoln Phelps (page images at MOA)

  41. The Means and Ends of Universal Education by Ira Mayhew (page images at MOA)

  42. The Parents' Manual: or, Home and School Training by Hiram Orcutt (page images at MOA)

  43. The Position of Christianity in the United States, in its Relations with Our Political Institutions by Stephen Colwell (page images at MOA)

  44. The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States (Savannah: Published by Thomas Purse, 1842) by Charles Colcock Jones (HTML and TEI at UNC)

  45. The Student's Manual by John Todd (page images at MOA)

  46. Triumph of Equal School Rights in Boston by Boston Colored Citizens (page images at MOA)

  47. Why Go to College? An Address by Alice Freeman Palmer (Gutenberg text; unofficial until 31 Oct 2000)

  48. Wisdom the Strength of True Manhood by Samuel Ware Fisher (page images at MOA)